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Program Details
Collegiate Gaming - Monday: Loading Price...

Program Details

Are you passionate or interested in E-Gaming? Sign up for this activity to meet the WVU E-Gaming Federation and the various E-Sports teams that they oversee. The Federation consists of multiple organizations, teams and puts on events to get WVU students engaged doing what they love most, playing. No experience necessary. Select the morning time slot to play Overwatch, a 6v6 game of strategy and skill. In the afternoon CS:GO will be the game of choice. During both sessions various party games will be played in addition to these E-Sports. Upon check-in you will receive a water bottle and a snack. Programs that check-in prior to 8AM, will also be provided with a light breakfast. Please consider bringing a small backpack to carry necessary items. Please wearcomfortable and appropriate clothing and shoes. All equipment will be provided.

Program Instances

There are no instances available at this time

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